Annual Report 2015

Vermont Public Radio


VPR provides an essential and trusted independent voice for news, information, music and cultural exploration for the people of our region.

A Note From VPR’s President

Dear VPR Supporter,

I’m pleased to share with you a handful of the indelible and vitally important moments you made possible in 2015. Community support is the cornerstone of all that VPR is and does, and for this, we are so grateful – you have helped make VPR an indispensable resource for the people of our region.

In a media and technology landscape that is constantly changing, one thing you can count on is VPR’s commitment to public service. We are dedicated to helping you better understand your world, inspiring you to be an engaged citizen, and satisfying your curiosity. All of these things are rare in today’s world, but thanks to you, they flourish here at VPR.

Again, thank you for being part of our community! Please contact me anytime at 802-654-4312 or if you’d like to talk further about VPR, our programming, or our plans for the future.

All the best,


Robin Turnau
VPR President & CEO


Fiscal Year: October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2015. Click here to review VPR’s audited financial statements.

Membership & Individual Giving$4,621,212$4,475,763
Donated Goods & Services$838,882$918,900
Corporation For Public Broadcasting$603,025$543,362
Investment Income$192,970$442,160
Telecasting, Production & Other$97,253$139,060
Journalism Fund$42,500$36,048
Contribution - Operating$17,646$13,707
Total Revenues$8,453,923$8,600,973
VPR Revenue
Programming & Services$6,002,010$5,712,574
Fundraising & Development$1,376,513$1,609,654
Management & Administration$1,023,056$1,024,053
Total Expenses$8,401,579$8,346,281
VPR Expenses

*The financial information presented here excludes depreciation, which estimates the reduction in the value of assets over time due to normal wear and tear.

Membership Growth


In FY15, 27,733 donors invested more than $4,621,212 in VPR’s public service.


Who We Serve

Weekly Listeners


(Source: Nielsen Audio Fall 2015 National Regional Database, Persons 12+ M-Su 6a-12m)

Monthly Visitors


Listeners Streaming Per Month


Broadcast Stations


People Who Can Tune To VPR Stations At Home

1.76 Million

Arts & Community Events Sponsored In 2015


What We Do

Weekly Local Newscasts


Weekly Hours Of Locally-Hosted Music


Annual Hours Of Public Affairs Programming


Locally-Produced Programs And Segments



In-Depth Reporting

You count on VPR to dig deep – beyond the headlines, through close examination of the issues that affect us as a state. The VPR News team continues to bring a vital depth of knowledge to the community and hold people in power to account.

VPR News’ Downstream series looked at water quality and pollution in Vermont. The series aired in 10 parts on VPR and featured an extensive digital project that dove deep into the Lake Champlain cleanup plan and revealing exactly what’s being proposed and what parts of the lake are most at risk.

We increased our investigative and enterprise reporting through a partnership with independent data journalist Hilary Niles. As Vermont faced an increasing budget gap in excess of $100 million, the first project looked at $1 billion in hidden tax breaks in “Vermont’s Shadow Budget.”

VPR doubled down on coverage of health and health care, the economy, the Vermont Legislature, and other public policy issues that impact our region.

Election Coverage

Becoming Bernie examined the rise and record of Vermont presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The program has aired on more than a dozen stations across the country and was featured at

With Governor Peter Shumlin’s announcement that he would not seek reelection, the gubernatorial race is wide open for 2016. As candidates have stepped forward to vie for the office, Vermont Edition has broadcast in-depth, one-on-one interviews with the candidates.

VPR broke the news last spring that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders would run for president. Since then, VPR News has covered Sen. Sanders’ run for president extensively.

Music Discovery

Whether it’s classical, jazz, folk, or contemporary, you can count on VPR to bring you incredible music. We are devoted to supporting the local music community through live performances, interviews, and concert promotion.

Live From The Fort, VPR’s online video concert series, has featured 17 Vermont-based bands including Swale, The Grift, and Rough Francis, all recorded at our Fort Ethan Allen studios in Colchester. The series provides an opportunity to discover and explore the rich and diverse contemporary music scene here in Vermont.

Timeline is a new podcast and program on VPR Classical that offers an exploration into the development of Western music.

VPR Classical welcomed James Stewart this year as its weekday afternoon host. James has deep experience with classical music and recently received his doctorate of musical arts from The Hartt School of Music. You can hear his program from 4-7 p.m. on weekdays, and on Saturdays from 8-10 a.m.

VPR Anytime, Anywhere

56% of users access and its streams on a mobile device. VPR’s digital and news teams are focused on making the news, music, and conversation you depend on accessible no matter how you choose to connect.

VPR’s new Podcast Directory includes Wintry Mix, which explores Vermont’s snow economy and culture, and Awesome Etiquette, which is recorded at VPR and distributed by American Public Media’s Infinite Guest network.

VPR is a lead partner in NPR One, a smartphone app that connects you to public radio news, stories, and podcasts from around the world and here in our region – tailored to your schedule and interests. It’s “public radio made personal” and it is part of our commitment to make our content as accessible as possible.


VPR has won 80 awards for its news coverage in the last 10 years.

Vermont Public Radio and its staff received significant industry recognition in 2015.

Journalism Excellence Award for Community Engagement

Associated Press Media Editors chose VPR’s Traces Project for its Journalism Excellence Award for community engagement. Traces is a digital project at that asked those who had direct experience with addiction, whether they had lost a loved one, lost touch with a friend, or fought their own addiction, to share their stories.

Public Radio News Directors, Inc. Awards

VPR was honored with two national awards from Public Radio News Directors, Inc. for its coverage in 2014. The winning coverage includes:

Best Multimedia Presentation: Campaign 2014 (2nd Place)
Commentary: Kunin: On Silence And Suicide (2nd Place)

Best Places To Work In Vermont

Vermont Public Radio was named one of the 2015 Best Places to Work in Vermont by Vermont Business Magazine and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce.


Ted Adler
Burlington, VT

Dawn Andrews
Cabot, VT

Nancy Rowden Brock
Waterbury Center, VT

Charlie Browne
Barnet, VT

April Cornell
Burlington, VT

Perez Ehrich
Arlington, VT

Stan Fishkin
Chittenden, VT

Marsha Fonteyn
Poultney, VT

Elizabeth Glenshaw
Lyme, NH

Wayne Granquist
Weston, VT

Tom Johnson
Poultney, VT

Charlie Kireker – Chair
Weybridge, VT

Scott McArdle – Secretary
Starksboro, VT

Nicole Ravlin
Shelburne, VT

Andrea Rogers
Burlington, VT

Steven Swayne
Quechee, VT

Peter Swift
Charlotte, VT

Peggy Williams – Vice Chair
Johnson, VT

Bob Young – Treasurer
Proctor, VT

Robin Turnau, VPR President & CEO
Colchester, VT

Learn more about VPR’s Board Of Directors, including a schedule of upcoming meetings.
Special thanks to Doug Griswold for his many years of service on the VPR Board of Directors.

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Leadership Team

Robin Turnau, President & CEOJohn Van Hoesen, Senior Vice President & Chief Content Officer
Joe Tymecki, Chief Technology Officer
Brian Donahue, Vice President for Finance & Administration/CFO
Brendan Kinney, Vice President for Development & Marketing

Finance & Administration

Madelyn Cataford, Controller
Will Ricker, Executive Coordinator
Heather Dieringer, Project Manager
Laura Schoenfeld, Staff Accountant
Lisa Larivee, Human Resources Support Associate

Development & Marketing

Lesli Blount, Director of Corporate Support
Tamika Davis, Director of Individual Giving
Gail England, Senior Corporate Support Associate
Cody Fiala, Development Services Manager
Jill Haas, Development Associate
Leanne Klyza-Linck, Manager of Philanthropic Giving
Haley Labonte-Davey, Corporate Support Associate
Jean Murphy, Sustaining Membership Coordinator
Francesca Orsini, Development Services Coordinator
Michelle Owens, Manager of Marketing & Communications
Will Pearson, Corporate Support Associate
Ty Robertson, Coordinator of Community Engagement
Anna Ste. Marie, Audience Services Associate

News, Music, and Programming

Melody Bodette, Addison/Franklin County Correspondent/But Why Producer
Ric Cengeri, Vermont Edition Producer & 'VPR Café' Host
Patti Daniels, Vermont Edition Executive Producer
John Dillon, News Director
Taylor Dobbs, Digital Reporter
Liam Elder-Connors, Morning Edition Producer
Angela Evancie, Digital Editor for News
Sam Gale Rosen, Vermont Edition Producer
Peter Hirschfeld, Capital Bureau Reporter
Nina Keck, Rutland County Correspondent
Bob Kinzel, Senior Reporter/Vermont Edition Host
Amy Noyes, Public Post Reporter/Producer
Jane Lindholm, Vermont Edition Host/But Why Host
Meg Malone, Vermont Edition Digital Producer
Kathleen Masterson, New England News Collaborative Reporter
Lynne McCrea, Special Projects Producer/Reporter
Annie Russell, Deputy News Director
Rebecca Sananes, Upper Valley Reporter
Betty Smith, Commentary Series Producer
Howard Weiss-Tisman, Southern Vermont Reporter
Mitch Wertlieb, Morning Edition Host/Reporter
Steve Zind, Senior Reporter

Traffic, Operations, and Engineering

Frank Alwine, Broadcast Engineer
Karen Anderson, Traffic Manager
Justin Belliveau, Facilities Assistant
Richard Dana, Broadcast Engineer/Transmission
Liz Fullerton, Operations Specialist/Announcer
Laurie Kigonya, Director of Facilities & Sustainability
Todd Mallory, IT Specialist
Brian Marshall, Broadcast Engineer
Mike Seguin, Studio/Broadcast Engineer
Annalis Shelmandine, Announcer
Victoria St. John, Director of Operations


2015 Producers Circle

January 1 – December 31, 2015

Thanks to everyone who made unrestricted gifts to VPR in 2015 in support of our operations; we wish we could list every one of our thousands of members in this report! Please accept our sincere thanks for your support and passion for Vermont Public Radio.

President's Society - $25,000+

AnonymousThe Byrne FoundationDonna and Jake Carpenter

Guarantor - $10,000-$24,999

Anonymous (3)The Argosy Foundation
Roger and Judi Hochstin
Lois H. McClure
Lisa Steele

Benefactor - $5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (7)
The Abraham Fuchsberg Family Foundation
Bio X Cell
Irene Bareau
Judith and Edward Becker
Martin Bell
Richard and Elizabeth Bernstein
Margaret A. Biggar
Rev. and Mrs. C. Frederick Buechner
David and Hannah Darrin
Peter and Bari Dreissigacker
Perez and Elizabeth Ehrich
Wayne and Deborah Granquist
Sue and Charlie Grigg
Mrs. Serena Hatch
John and Joey Hawkins
Earl and Polly Hoffman
Barbara M. Jordan
Mill Creek Capital Advisors
Bonnie Knight
John H. Kueffner and Carolyn Goodwin-Kueffner
L5 Fund
Hugh and Katharine McLean
Bill and Betsy Peabody
Powell Foundation
Lemont K. Richardson
Andrea Rogers and Avery Hall
Elisabeth Russell
Frank and Brinna Sands
Peter and Margie Stern
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Stetson III
Cheryl Lang Ullman, DMD
Robert and Victoria Young

Executive Producer - $2,500-$4,999

Anonymous (6)
Mr. Kris Anderson
Sandra Anderson and Reeve Williams
Robert and Catherine Brawer
Stephen Canon
Laura and Barry Dagan
Mary Jane Dickerson
Deborah Diemand
Martha Elliott
Hilarie Jane Gade and John Bryan Peters
Mr. Peter Gehring
Ida and William Rosenthal Foundation
Robert Brawer
Catherine Brawer
Joseph Ribkoff, Inc.
Ms. Claudia P P. Kinder and Peter Kinder
Charles and Marie Kireker
Jim and Vicky Linville
Emily and Stephen Magowan
Kathy Metcalfe and Langdon Wheeler
Lynn and Gary Schwartz
Richard Smith
Win Smith
Bruce and Lillian Venner
Mr. John Walz
Ms. Katherine Webster
William and Joanna Wright
Kit Gates and Mark Yorra

Producer - $1,200 - $2,499

Anonymous (45)
Susan B. Alden
Bob and Karen Allen
William and Patricia Alley
Gisela and Adam Alpert
Julia Alvarez and Bill Eichner
Benjamin Anderson-Ray and Susan Anderson-Ray
Dawn K. Andrews
Donald and Cheryl Appe
Susan E. Arnold
Timothy and Judy Audette
Nicole Bartner
Ms. Jane A. Belcher and Mr. Robert Clark
Dr. Eric Benz and Hannah Benz
Jane Bickford
Diana J. Bingham
Brenda and John Bisbee
Eileen Blackwood and Lynn Goyette
Lindsey Bolger and Alec Brecher
David L. Borgendale
Thomas and Susan Boswell
Leslie and Robert Botjer
Joseph and Dale Boutin
Fred Bradley and Marilyn Trapeni
Mr. Owen Brady
Jodi Breckenridge Hilker and Manfred Hilker
Amy Bresky
Ross Brewer
Nancy and David Bridges
Barbara Bristol and Galway Kinnell
Steve and Laurie Brittain
Thomas Brock and Nancy Rowden Brock
Geoffrey S. Brown
Carol Browner
Fran Bull
Michael L. Burak
J. Brooks Buxton
Bruce and Suzanne Byers
Anna Taylor Caleb
John Canning
Rogers-Carroll Family Foundation
Cara Cassino
Christina Castegren
Ms. Martha Cavanaugh and Edward Vilandrie
Mark and Jamie Charlson
William and Priscilla Penfield Chester
Dennis and Deborah Chevalier
Dick and Ellen Clattenburg
Mrs. Ela A. Cluthe
Mr. David Coates
Robert Coleburn
Cortney Cahill and Sean Collins
Margaret and Gregory Connors
Virginia L. Coolidge
Katherine Coppock
Dean and Cathy Corcoran
Tim Cowles
Linda and Brad Crosby
Timothy Crowell and Patricia Sabalis
Justin and Heidi Cutroni
Hope Damon and George Chait
Nils Daulaire and Mary Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dickson Davis
Staige Davis
Chris and Rebecca Dayton
Ted DeBonis
Sarah Degray
Jane G. Denker
Douglas and Sharon Dennett
Francis and Carol DeVine
Theresa Alberghini DiPalma and Robert DiPalma
Eugene Dixon
Eivind and Gwenn Djupedal
Frank and Ducky Donath
Pete & Lory Doolittle
Audrey Duane
William and Kathy Dudley
Ellen and Paul Dulberger
John L Dunn
The Durst Family
Chiuho Duval
Bill and Pam Eddy
David M. Green and Margaret F. Edwards
Georgia and Gamal Eltabbakh
Dana and Michael Engel
Nancy Ewen
Maxie Ewins
David Farrington
John and Rachi Farrow
Charles and Charlotte Faulkner
Dr. Elliott Fisher and Nan Cochran
Nina Fite
Jim and Susan Fitzpatrick
David G. Floyd and Jane Corbett-Floyd
Ms. Patricia M. Fontaine
Paul and Marsha Fonteyn
Dover Robinson Ford
Joseph and Cathy Frank
Michael and Melody Frank
Barbara and Ivor Freeman
Richard H. Frost
Mary Gade
Joan Gamble and James Paison
Barbara Ganley and Bill Roper
Ysabella Gara
Judy Geer and Dick Dreissigacker
Dr. Douglas Gentile
Carol and George Gibson
Reg and Joan Gignoux
Jacob and Caitlin Glaser
The Glowa-Kollisch Family
Arnold and Virginia Golodetz
Natalie and Wallace Good
Sarah Heil & Andrew Goodwin
Eric Gorman and Laura Schned
Bill Gottesman and Debra Lopez
Mrs. Jonna Goulding and Mr. Marc Coxon
Kirthi and Vijay Govindarajan
Chris and Nancy Graff
Howard M. Graff
Tom and Rosalyn Graham
Barrett and Michele Grimm
Douglas Griswold and Lori Rowe
Eileen and Paul Growald
Marshall and Lou Guill
John Hagen
John and Rheba Haley
Dr. Kent Hall
Lisbeth and Lyle Hall
Michael Hamilton
Scott Hammond
Susan Hanson
Geoffrey and Shirley Harris
Patricia and Ray Harwick
The Hathaway Foundation
Judith Hayward
Ms. Jessica W. Heller
Dr. Charles Henry and Nancy Todd
John and Stella Herpel
Tracy Holden
Deming and Romer Holleran
Mary L. Holmes
Dr. Richard Hong
Kathy Hoyt
James Hughes
Elizabeth Hunt
Susan Hunter
Mr. Fred Hutchins
David and Eleanor Ignat
Charles and Lauren Irvin
Penrose and Schuyler Jackson
Janine and Paul Jacobs
Marilyn Johnson
Sally P. Johnson
Stephen and Paula Johnson
Tom Johnson and Ina Smith
David Jones and Tracey Maurer
Hank and Josie Kaestner
Phil Kane
Margaret L. Kannenstine
Johanna Kebabian
Nina Keck and Seth Coombs
Clarke Keenan and Cathie Keenan
Paul L. Kendall and Sharon Rives
Ann D. Kent
Ms. Christena Keon Sirsly
Justin Kimball
Mrs. Jennifer Kimmich
Gregory King and Sharon Cotterell
Brendan Kinney and Mary Brodsky
Charlie Kittredge and Susan Cooke Kittredge
Liisa Kissel
Spencer Knapp and Barbara Cory
Carlie and David Krolick
Amy Kuzio and Kevin Kuzi
Donald Laackman and Allyson Laackman
Susan G. Lacoste
Fred “Chico” Lager and Yvette Pigeon
Jane Lancaster
Myrna L. Larkin and Earnest Wu
Scott Letcher
Kim and John Likakis
Reeve Lindbergh
Lintilhac Foundation
Phil and Crea Lintilhac
Joanna and Norwood Long
Christopher and Ellen Lovell
Susan Lowey
Mr. Bob Macauley and Pam Macauley
Betsy MacIsaac and Bob Goldberg
Neal Mahutte
Jeanette Maliniak
Theodore Marcy and Kimberly Hornung-Marcy
Susan T. Fiske and Douglas S. Massey
Dr. Grace Ma-Steenbergen
Winifred McDowell
Barbara McGrew
Christine and Leo McKenna
Holly McKenzie and Robert Martin
Martha and Joe McSherry
Joe and Suzanne Medlicott
John and Millie Merrill
The Metz Family
Heike and Jens Meyer
Linda Michelsen
Professor Melvin T. Tyree and Ms. Charleen P. Miles
Kathryn Milillo and Robert Stein
Dr. Joel Miller and Senator Hinda Miller
Dr. K. Tyler Miller
Michael and Jeanne Baer Miller
Brett Millier and Karl Lindholm
In Memory of Dr. James Mithoefer
Corb Moister, Jr.
Robert and Toni Monsey
Leon and Frances Morsillo
The Mosaic Foundation of Rita and Peter Heydon in Ann Arbor
Virginia and Tom Moser
Miles and Pat Mushlin
Radetta Nemcosky in memory of Ron Nemcosky
Jack Neuhauser
Dr. Lisa H. Newton
Stephen Nissenbaum and Dona Brown
Ken and Donna Nitchie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Norman
Julia S. Northrop
Adirondack Community Trust – Evergreen Fund
Laura Olsen and Mari Omland
Lisa L. Osterland
Margaretta Paduch
Ms. Judy Palfey
James Palmer
Jim Parker
Anne Judson and Tim Parsons
Kimberly Peake
Martha and Bill Peck
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Peck IV
Randall Perkins
P.G. Adams
James and Nancy Pierson
Jane Pincus
Joseph Piscotty and Carol Maulhardt
Drs. Stephen Plume and Martha McDaniel
Pamela Polston
Julie Potter
Jeffrey Prescott
Jim and Dianne Prevo
Frank Racette
Rita Ramirez and Thomas Bodett
Markey Read and Tim King
Grant and Lisa Rees
Restoration and Performance Motor Cars
Rebecca Rice
Steve and Martha Richardson
Mary Lou and Donald Robinson
Mr. Andrew A. Robinson and Jan Waterman
Ms. Martha Roper
Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Rost
Robert and Susan Rowell
Barry and Wendy Rowland
Ann and Alfred Ruesch
Elizabeth Ruml
Faith and Tim Rushford
Eugenia and Richard Saganich
Ernie Saunders
Deborah Schapiro and Louis Polish
Robert Schatz and Lisa Schatz
Michael and Barbara Schmidt
Jeremy Schrauf
Robert and Lynne S. Schwartz
Ruth Scriptunas
Michael and Linda Seaver
Anne Segal
Martin and Rosie Segal
Cindy and Michael Seligmann
Diana and Jerome Senturia
Bill & Abi Sessions
Nancy P. Sevcenko
Dr. and Mrs. Skip Sheldon and Family
Lois Shiozawa and David Horak
Brenda Siemer and Sam Neustadt
Stephen Sisler
Elizabeth Skarie and Jerry Greenfield
David Sleigh
Ann Smallwood
Brett Smith and Elisa Freeman Smith
Andrew Smith and Jill Skochdopole
Ed Weissman and Steve Smith
Wells and Kathy Smith
Chris and Laura Soares
Richard and Laurinda Solomon
Wendy and Jonathan Spector
Mr. Randy Spiller
Lydia Spitzer and Dottie Deans
Roger W. Squire
Orson L. St. John, Jr.
Ruth and Frederick Stavis
Betty and Lawson Stewart
Sophia H. Stone
Skip and Marilyn Sturman
Tim Tanner
Ms. Laura Taylor
Mrs. Carolyn C. Tenney
Sandra Murphy and Winifred Thomas
Rupert and Jan Thouron
Dr. Brian Timura
Tracy Treadwell
Ms. Lianne Tuomey
Robin and Bob Turnau
Ed Twardy and Lauren Twardy
Elizabeth Van Buren
John Van Hoesen and Fred Sargeant
Julie Vigdor
Drury Vinton and Ruth Vinton
Winifred Vogt
Melissa Volansky
J. Alvin Wakefield
Stephen and Judy Walke
Margery S. Walker
Leslie and Nicholas Ward
Katherine Watts
Ms. Sarah Webb
Ms. Lawrence Webster
Joan and Dick Weed
Ben and Sanfra Weiss
Elizabeth and Aaron Wells
Paul M. Whalen and Marlene M. Dailey
Ruth Wildhorn
Mr. David Wilkens and Mrs. Molly Pindell
Catherine Willson
John and Mary Wilson
Ann Wittpen
Nancy E. Wood
Charles Wooster and Sue Kirincich
Jaqueline and Christopher Wren
Abbott and Marian Wright
Malcolm and Marjorie Wright
Barbara York and David Adair
Percy and Elizabeth Young
Carole Ziter

Journalism Fund

January 1 – December 31, 2015

Established in 2010, this special fund enables reporters and producers to innovate, take risks, and respond to opportunities. The Journalism Fund is designed to support a range of initiatives and is administered by an in-house committee of VPR staff. Funded projects are held to the same high level of independence and integrity you expect from VPR, thanks to the firewall between donors and decisions about news projects, reporting, and editorial standards.

Journalism Fund

Anonymous (2)
Donna and Jake Carpenter
John and Joey Hawkins
Charles and Marie Kireker
The Larsen Fund

Phillips Legacy Society

The Phillips Legacy Society recognizes supporters who have made a provision for Vermont Public Radio in their will, estate plans or other planned gifts. VPR extends its heartfelt thanks to the more than 200 supporters who have made this special commitment to our vision and mission.

Phillips Legacy Society

Anonymous (81)
Jan and Harris Abbott
John and Mary Adams*
Julia Alvarez and Bill Eichner
Dawn K. Andrews
Sally Andrews
Margot Bouchard*
Marta Bach
Coleman and Susan Baker
Irene Bareau
Richard and Elizabeth Bernstein
Bill Berry*
Catherine Bogardus*
Ruth P. Bogorad*
Theodore F. and Donald A. Boniface
Priscilla Byerly
Anna Taylor Caleb
Barbara Cate
Henry Chauncey, Jr.
Karen A. Christiansen
Mr. Robert Christy
Daniel Clark*
Patricia Compton*
Naia Conrad*
Dorothy Ford Craighead*
Pamela Crary*
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dickson Davis
Ann B. Day
Carol Delaney
Jane G. Denker
Closey and Whit Dickey*
Judy Larson Di Mario
Deborah Dorfman
Barbara Dozetos
Roberta B. Dubrowsky
Kathleen M. Duclos
Lyn DuMoulin
Dale and Christine Eickelman
Helen H. Eldred*
Mr. Joseph Ellovich and Mrs. Betty Ellovich
Betty Emmons*
Dorothy M. Erickson
Ella A. Erway
Maxie Ewins
Barbara Fisher*
Nancy Marshall and Stanley Fishkin
Dover Robinson Ford
Sharon Foster*
Joe and Cathy Frank
Tere Gade
Katherine F. Gilleland
Stephen H. Goldberg
Marlene Graf
Barrett and Michele Grimm
Mary and Michael Grizzard
Alice Grow
Betty Ann Halperin*
Jean and Ronald Harmsen
Breda and Bob Harnish
Patricia and Ray Harwick
Marshall and Mimi Heuser
Miriam Adams Howland
Retta Huttlinger
Beal B. Hyde*
Marilyn Johnson
Dr. Michel Kabay
Louis F.* and Margaret L. Kannenstine
Ned Kelley
Mrs. Ann Kent
Lynde and Connie Kimball
Dr. Mary Kintner
Dr. Seth Koch
John H. Kueffner and Carolyn Goodwin-Kueffner
Jane Lancaster
Terese Lane*
Mary Haas
Donna Leban
Joan E. Lewis
Ken and Mary Lynn
Mary Lou and Peder Marcussen
Patricia Mardeusz
Peter and Marguerite Mason
Paul McClatchey*
Lee McDavid
Cheryl Wilfong and William McKim
Cordelia Merritt
Dr. K. Tyler Miller
Bette L. Moffett*
Bill and Marion Mohri
Gary Momaney
Hugh Montgomery
Alice Morris*
Dr. Ken Nalibow
Sam Neustadt and Brenda Siemer
Alex Northern
Patricia Nye
Richard* and Patricia Nye*
John A. Pane and Elizabeth Bassett
Jim Parker
William A. Pearson
James and Elizabeth Peden*
Wes and Terry Phillips
Thea Platt
Donald B. Poulson*
Grant and Lisa Rees
Gary and Chirstina Richards
Walter and Susan Richter
Susan Rittenhouse
Peter and Tia Rosengarten
Charlotte Rosshandler
Polly Rowe*
Nancy and Ronald Rucker
Angus* and Elisabeth Russell
David Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. John Sayward*
Robert and Lynne S. Schwartz
Martin and Rosie Segal
Abi Sessions
Dr. Shoshanna Shelley
Ned Shulman
Kitty Shumlin
Peter Sinclair
Toddy Sloan*
Betty Smith-Mastaler and Tony Mastaler
George B. Spear
A Friend from Shrewsbury
Antoinette Stafford*
Peter Stamm
Betty and Lawson Stewart*
Fran Stoddard
Stephanie Stouffer
Robert and Mary Stuart
Richard Suttmeier
Pierre Swick
Molly Symons
Marcy and Andrew Tanger
Dr. Brian Timura
Marklyn Trainor
Jackie and Howard Travis
Cheryl Lang Ullman, DMD
John Van Hoesen and Fred Sargeant
C. H. Vanselow*
Richard and Barbara Wadhams*
Margery S. Walker
Janet and Paul Warren
Mary Lewis Webb
Judith Wechsler
James Wilson
John Wires*
Barbara York and David Adair
Dohr Zachai

* deceased


We’d like to thank the more than 400 local businesses that supported VPR in 2015 through underwriting.


A Delicious Kitchen
AAA New England
AARP Vermont
Aerie Consulting
Against the Grain Gourment
Airflyte Productions
Allan H. Day Piano Service
Allearth Renewables
Almartin Volvo
Alzheimer’s Association of Vermont
Amalgamated Culture Works
The Angus Firm
Ann Swanson Real Estate
Antiques & Uniques Festival
April Cornell – Cornell Online, LLC
Aquilino Arts
Armistead Inc.
Artemis Fitness
Artistree Community Arts Center
Bank of New Hampshire Pavillion
Bartleby’s Books
Bella Voce
Bennington Bookshop
Bensonwood Homes
Better Living Audiology
Bia Diagnostics
Bibens Ace Hardware
Bill Reed Voice Studio
Bi-State Primary Care Association
Black River Produce
Blue Cross Blue Shield
The Book Nook
Booth Brothers Dairy
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce
Brattleboro Food Co-op
Brattleboro Music Center
Brattleboro Retreat
Brattleboro Savings and Loan
Bray Books
Bridgeside Books
Bristol Electronics
The British Clockmaker
Building Energy
Burlington City Arts
Burlington International Airport
Burlington Telecom
Burlington Wine and Food Festival
Business Culture Consultants
Cabot Cheese
Café Provence
Caledonia Farmer’s Market Association
Camp Farwell for Girls
Career Networks & Prosearch
Casella Waste Management
Cedar Hill Continuing Care Community
Central Vermont Chamber Music
Champlain College
Champlain Community Services
Champlain Housing Trust
Champlain Mini Maker Faire
Champlain Orchards
Champlain Valley Exposition
Chappells Florist
Chippers Incorporated
Chittenden County Regional Stormwater Education Program
Church Street Marketplace
Circus Smirkus
City Market
City of Claremont
Clean Yield
Clear Choice MD
Client Centered Financial
Cloud 9 Caterers
Clute Wealth Management
Cole Consulting LC
Collective – The Art of Craft
Community Financial Services Group
Concept II Inc.
Converse Home
Co-op Food Store
Copley Health Systems
Curtis Lumber
D.B. McKenna & Company
Danform Shoes
Danforth Pewterers
Desai Management Consulting
Dinse Knapp & McAndrew
Dorset Theatre Festival
Downs Rachlin Martin
Dr. Albert Hardy
Dr. Robert Bauman
Earl’s Cyclery
Eastview at Middlebury
Echo Leahy Center
The Edge
Edgewater Gallery
Efficiency Vermont
Ellis Music Company
Emma Willard School
Engineering Ventures
Equinox Village
Eric Rickstad
Eternity Web
Ethel Walker School
Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga
Fairbanks Museum
Fairpoint Communications
Falun Dafa Association of New England
Farmhouse Catering
Farmhouse Group
Farnum Insulators
Ferro Estate and Custom Jewelry
Festival de Lanaudiere
Floatingbridge Food and Farm Cooperative
Flooring America
Fluid Bar Service
Flying Pig Bookstore
Flynn Center
Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty
Four Winds Nature Institute
Franklin County Industrial Development Corporation
Friedland P-R
Frog Hollow Burlington
Froling Energy
Full Circle Gardens
Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery
Gallagher, Flynn & Company
Gardener’s Supply
Girls Nite Out Productions
Global Campuses Foundation
Good News Garage
Goodspeed and Bach
Gordon’s Window Décor
The Grammar School
Great Vermont Corn Maze
Greater Burlington YMCA
The Green Life
Green Mountain Community Solar
Green Mountain Compost
Green Mountain Cross Fit
Green Mountain Film Festival
Green Mountain Orthopedic Surgery
Green Mountain Power
Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild
Green Mountain Sedation Dentistry
Green Mountain Software
Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival
Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity
Greensboro Arts Alliance
Greenworks Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association
Guardian Ad Litem Program
Hall Art Foundation
Hanson & Doremus Investment Management
Health Record Corporation
Healthy Living
Hemenway and Barnes
Henry Sheldon Museum
Hero’s Welcome
Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group
High Mowing Sees
Higher Ground Music/Crothers Entertainment
Hometown Hospitality
Hopkins Center at Dartmouth College
Horsford’s Nursery
Hotel Vermont
Howard Center
Hunger Mountain Co-op
Hydro Quebec Lanaudiere Festival
Intervale Center
JMM & Associates
John Ring CPA
Johnson Family Foundation
Johnson Law Group
Johnson State College
Julie Moir Messervy Design
Junction Frame Shop
Keene State College Redfern Arts Center
Kelly Brush Foundation
Kent Museum
Kimball Union Academy
King Arthur Flour Bakers Store
Kirschner Concerts
Kurn Hatin Homes
Lake Champlain Chocolates
Lake Champlain Land Trust
Lake Champlain Waldorf Schools
Lake Morey Resort
The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen
Lebanon Opera House
Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel
Let’s Grow Kids
Leunig’s Bistro
Liberate Yoga
Limbwalker Tree Service
Littleton Regional Healthcare
Long Trail Brewing Company
Lyndon State College
The Mac Doctor
Mad River Valley Craft Fair
The Manor
Manufacturing Solutions
Maple Capital Management
Maple Sweet Real Estate
Martin Associates Law
Mascoma Savings Bank
Mayo Health Clinic
McLure Moving and Storage
Merchants Bank
Middlebury Interactive Languages
Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op
Migrant Justice
Milarepa Center
Milne Travel American Express
Mindful Dermatology
Misty Valley Books
The Mountain Goat
Mountain Health Center
Murphy Sullivan Kronk
Music from Salem
National Bank of Middlebury
National Life Group
Naturally Cool Vermont – Re-Modern Homes, Inc.
Nature Conservancy
Neighborworks of Western Vermont
New York Maple Producers Association
New Hampshire Antique Dealers Association
North Country Honda Dealers
North County Hospital
Northeast Delta Dental
Northeast Heritage Music Camp
Northeastern Reproductive Medicine
Northern Stage Company
Northshire Bookstore
Norwich Bookstore
Onion River Sports
Opera North
Opera Theatre of Weston
Oriana Singers
Orleans Restorative Justice Center
Otter Creek Awnings
Otter Creek Kitchenware and Electronics
Outdoor Gear Exchange
Paintcare, Inc.
Paramount Theater
Passumpsic Savings Bank
Paul Frank and Collins
Penny Cluse Café
Pentangle Council of the Arts
People’s United Bank
Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children
Pet Food Warehouse
Photobooth Planet Vermont
Pillsbury Senior Communities
Pingala Café
Prentiss Smith and Company
Prevent Child Abuse Vermont
Primary Care Health Parnters
Putney Craft Tour
Quantum Leap Capital
R.K. Miles
RE/MAX North Professionals
Rearch Company
Red Cedar School
Red Clover Inn
Renewable Energy Vermont
Residences at Otter Creek
Residences at Shelburne Bay
Rice Memorial High School
Richards Group Insurance and Financial Services
Rutland Regional Medical Center
Ryegate Small Animal Hospital
Saint Michael’s College
Same Sun of Vermont
Sandglass Theater
Sawah Bali
Seven Days
Shearer Acura
Shearer Audi
Shearer Honda
Shearer Volkswagen
Shelburne Museum
School for International Training
Skinny Pancake
Small Dog Electronics
Smugglers’ Notch Resort
Snelling Center for Government
Southern Vermont College
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center
Spring Lake Ranch
Spruce Peak Performing Arts
St. Martin’s Press
Stark Mountain Woodworking
Sterling College
Stowe Soaring
Subaru of New England
Sugarbush Resort
Summit Wealth Group
Swedish Pit
Taconic Spine
Thai Orchid Restaurant
Therapy Dogs of Vermont
Thirty Tigers
Touch of Vermont Holiday Gift Market
Town of Middlebury
Trattoria Delia
Travel Leaders – Child Albany Travel
Trust Company of Vermont
Trust for Public Land
Turner Toys
Two Brothers Tavern
University of Connecticut Bobolink Project
Union Bank
Union Institute and University
University of New Hampshire
University of Vermont Health Network
Unsworth Law
Upper Valley Waldorf School
UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
UVM Continuing Education
UVM Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Vermont Economic Development Authority
Vermont Academy
Vermont Acupuncture Association
Vermont CARES
Vermont Employee Ownership Center
Vermont Gynecology
Vermont Life Magazine
Vermont Quilt Festival
Vermont Sheep & Goat Association
Vermont Soap
Vermont Student Assistance Corporation
Vermont Technical College
Vermont Timber Works Inc.
Vermont Youth Orchestra Association
Village Square Booksellers
Visiting Nurse & Hospice for Vermont & New Hampshire
Von Bargen’s Jewelry
Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
Vermont Antique Dealers Association
Vermont Arts Council
Vermont Association of Area Agencies on Aging
Vermont Ballet Theater
Vermont Book Shop
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility
Vermont Chamber of Commerce
Vermont Childcare Industry and Careers Council
Vermont College of Fine Arts
Vermont Community Foundation
Vermont Community Loan Fund
Vermont Country Store
Vermont Crafts Council
Vermont Department of Health
Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife
Vermont Division for Historic Preservation
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Vermont Foodbank
Vermont Gas Systems Inc.
Vermont Handcrafters
Vermont Historical Society
Vermont International Festival
Vermont Maple Festival
Vermont Nurse Practitioner Association
Vermont Parks Forever
Vermont Philharmonic Orchestra
Vermont Physical Therapy
Vermont Regenerative Medicine
Vermont Sport & Fitness
Vermont Stage Company
Vermont State Lottery
Vermont State Parks
Vermont Trophy and Engraving
Vermont Vocational Rehabilitation
Vermont Window Restoration
Wahl Landscaping
Wake Robin
Wake Up to Dying Project
Waterbury Farmer’s Market
Western Slopes Business Association
Weston Craft Show
Weston Playhouse
White River Indie Festival
Wiemann Lamphere Architects
Wilburton Inn
Wilcox and Barton
Willington Print
Willy B’s Tavern
Windham Foundation
Windows & Doors by Brownell
Woodstock Research Neuropsychiatric Associates
Yankee Bookshop
Yellow Barn
Yestermorrow Design/Build

VPR strives for accuracy in recognizing our supporters. If we have misspelled your name or inadvertently omitted you from these listings, please accept our apology and let us know by calling 800-639-2192 or via email at


From all of us at VPR, thank you for being part of our family.

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